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Frequently asked questions about Electrolysis

This depends on how large the area to be treated is and your skin healing after treatment. Each hair follicle is treated individually so it takes time, however, as the hairs grow back finer the length of time between subsequent treatments does become longer.

It is not always possible to give a figure, as accuracy is more important to be effective. It can depend on the area being treated, also your skin reaction can dictate how much work I can carry out without overtreating the skin.

How frequently you have a treatment, how long the sessions are, how much hair is present, how thick and dark the hair is, the condition of your skin and its healing powers and the causes of the unwanted hair all ascertain how long the treatment process will take. Once treatment has started it is only possible to estimate the time scale.

Once the probe is inserted a current is applied for 1 or 2 seconds and a slight prick or sting may be felt. The finer the hair, the finer the needle and the lower the current applied. Most people I have treated find that it’s not as painful as they were expecting and it is always worth it because of the long-term benefits of being hair free.

Immediately after treatment the area usually looks a little pink, this is completely normal. I will apply special aftercare product to the skin and will give you aftercare instructions which if carried out correctly will help the healing process and the reaction should disappear quite soon, usually within the hour.

This depends on the length of time the treatment takes, the number of sessions you have and the area size being treated, You can pay for a number of sessions or you can pay for each appointment as you have it. The overall cost is a small price to pay for the physical and psychological benefits of a lifetime of freedom from embarrassing, undesirable hair. See my price list for my current prices and special offers. Prices

I am fully qualified, insured and council registered. Qualifications - CGLI Beauty Therapy, CGLI Electrical Epilation, NMCC Diploma, Lillian Maund Diplomas, Gateway Practitioners Diplomas

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